Boxed bet
It means Betting for all the possible combinations in a multi-horse wager.

Bridge jumper
A bridge jumper is a person who bets a large sum on a single horse. It refers to the fact that if the bet is lost the better may jump off to the next nearest bet.

Daily double
Daily double is a type of wager who calls for the selection of winners of two consecutive races, preferably the first and second one.

Dead heat
Dead heat refers to the tie between two or more horses when the race finishes. Mostly the tie is separated by the photo finish camera, but at times the ties are so close that it turns difficult to pick up the genuine winner.

Exacta is a wager in which the first two finishers in the race who stand exact in order of finish, is picked up by him.

Field horse/ Mutual field
Mutual field refers to the fact where there are two or more starters who run in a single betting unit. It means the situation when there are more entrants than positions on the total list board who can accommodate.

Inquiry means reviewing the race to check into the rules. It Also refers to a sign that is the flashed by officials on tote board for the inquiry.

Minus pool
A minus pool is caused when one horse is so heavily betted that after deductions of commission and state tax not enough money is left to pay the legally prescribed amount on each winning bet. Therefore racing association has to make up the difference to pay the minimums.

Objection refers to the claim of foul which is lodged by patrol judge rider or any other official. If the objection is lodged by any official then it turns into an inquiry.

On the nose
On the nose means betting a horse only to win.

Overlay means a horse being betted at a higher price than he appears on the basis of his past performances.

It refers to using the amount won from one bet to place on the other bet.

Pick six
Pick six is a type of wager in which the winners are must to be selected of all the included races.

Place refers to the position of the horse achieved on the finish line.

Place bet
Placing bet is wagering on a horse that he would finish the race on first or second position.