A better way to free bets on the races

These days, the bookmaking world is a highly competitive one and most major bookmakers have special offers of free bets, bonus cash, matched deposits etc. These are changing all the time so it’s always worth keeping an eye out for the best ones. And because it’s such a highly competitive business we, as customers trying to make the racing game pay, would be fools not to take full advantage.

But there may be an even better way of achieving the same goal. If the bookmaking world is competitive, it’s still nowhere compared with the world of online casinos.

There are good reasons for this. Casino operators know (and have known ever since the dawn of the first casinos hundreds of years ago) that the house edge is everything. It means that, according to the laws of probability, we’ll all lose out if we continue to play pure games of chance for a long enough period. Along the way, we’ll have a few inevitable wins and we may even read about lucky punters who have won life-changing amounts of money. This is all “grist to the mill” for casino operators. They know that such win and such press coverage will keep us all coming back for more – so the more volume they have, the more money they’ll make form the all-conquering house edge.

Consequently, the introductory bonuses are even more generous in this world than they are with bookmakers. And it’s up to us to take full advantage of this – then find a way of getting the cash into our sports betting accounts.

So here’s how to achieve just that…

If you click here to play at 32red.com, for example, you’ll soon see that you can pick up a free $32 for each $20 of your own money down. There are similar deals at many other online casinos such as 888 and Skyvegas to name just a couple. And the offers are generally getting better all the time – and are changing continually within sites.

The trick is in finding an online casino that also runs a comprehensive sports book. The 32Red site is one such example – though there are others. If you then play through the requisite number of casino games (this varies from site to site) you should hopefully have enough left to transfer to your sports betting account and to “reinvest” in horse racing – where it’s far more a matter of judgement than it is of pure chance as with most online casino games.

In other words, where judgement calls are made – we punters have a fighting chance of beating the bookie. We certainly have a far better chance in this regard than we do of beating the house edge. This can also be a great way of trying out a new system or betting theory etc., in a way which should be either very cheap or maybe even completely cost-free if you’re fortunate enough.

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