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Digital printing machine
  • Application object: label printing, personalized printing
  • Paper used: paper, film, metal foil, self-adhesive and other printing substrates
  • Main characteristics: Especially designed for printing high quality product, max speed can reach 75m/min. Its 5 color UV digital ink jet printing (standard four colors with one spot white color) realizes the individualized printing on paper and film materials. Special design accommodates more functions in line with offset station, flexo station, cold foil station as well as die cut station. Now it becomes the best investing choice in digital printing market.
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    1. Advanced color inkjet printing control system:
    Advanced DOD piezo grey level printhead, together with up-to-date screening and RIP technology and excellent color management system, enables the image and text of the printing product finer and clearer.

    2. Module design with flexible configuration:
    The module-designed printhead module and each control unit print materials with width ranging from 54 mm to 432 mm. The CMYK four color and spot color technology provides a complete solution for label printing. The flexible configuration of printing width and color unit can satisfy different printing needs.

    3. Applicable to various print substrates:
    Eco-friendly, non-toxic UV ink is used to print a variety of substrates, such as paper, foil and film, which enables curing and shaping in a single pass. The produced quality-stable prints are in line with international standards for environmental protection.

    4. Accurate registering:
    Excellent closed-loop servo control system enables stable printing tension. In combination with precise mechanical positioning structure and advanced electrical positioning control system, print register accuracy is controlled at ±0.05mm.

    5. Reliable product quality and stable running:
    Weifang Donghang has multiple years of developing and manufacturing printing machines, and shall provide low-cost, high-quality and reliable machines with satisfactory service.

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