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  Flexo printing machine F2 series   Current Position:Home ? Flexo printing machine F2 series
F2 Narrow Web Flexo Printing Machine
  • Application object: label, packaging paper, paper bag, paper carton, paper cup, etc.
  • Paper used: coated paper, paperboard, copy paper, self-adhesive paper, non-woven fabric, BOPP, PET plastic film and the like materials.
  • Main characteristics: The F2 series narrow web flexo printing features the different and unique printing platform as the other models in the lineup, delivering the fastest set-ups and changeovers and shorter web path, together with the fastest make-ready times in the industry (4-color changeovers are complete in just 3 minutes!). Additional advantages over traditional presses include short web paths and minimal ink usage requirements resulting in waste savings up to 50% and fast changeover times for increased productivity. The max speed can reach 180m/min.
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    1. Stable printing:
    Specially designed bearer-type cam supports and fastens the plate cylinder with a locking hook, which effectively overcomes the vibration caused by plate gap and achieve high-precision and stable printing;.

    2. Fast change of cylinders:
    Specially designed bearer-type structure enables fast change of plate cylinders without adjusting printing pressure, which greatly improves production efficiency.

    3. Fast change of roller and ink:
    Open-ended roller and ink system can realize fast change of anilox roller, metering roller as well as ink fountain box without use of auxiliary means.

    4. Automatic adjustment of doctor blade:
    Specially designed doctor blade realizes automatic adjustment of blade pressure without manual operation.

    5. Short paper path design:
    Design of short paper path greatly reduces production cost.

    6. Pre-register function:
    Servo-driving pre-registering function improves production efficiency and also reduces waste of printing materials in register debugging.

    7. Accurate registering:
    Accurate registering produces qualified prints in the acceleration and deceleration process.

  • "20" in "Specification" stands for "F2 Series"

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